Role Reversal At Home, Work

On March 24, 2009, in Career Advice, Hot Topics, Seymour Jobs, Work/Life Balance, by Randstad Staffing

The recession has been tough on many workers, but new studies show that men were hit the hardest by layoffs and downsizing.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women may soon, for the first time ever, be the majority in the workforce, which means there will be a role reversal not only in the workplace, but at home too.
Not only will women be expected to take on more responsibility at the office, but their role as wife and mother may change as well. One article points out how the family dynamic may forever be changed due in part to this recession.
For years, women in the workforce have worked to achieve more status and made strides in breaking the glass ceiling, leading to a demand for more work/life balance. Now that their male counterparts have been hit hardest by unemployment, they might also be faced with taking on roles that are traditionally thought of as female.
Some experts believe that this role reversal has a silver lining. There have been other times in history when women have taken on being the dominant members of the workforce. But unlike those times, this trend might be one that continues.
What do some of our readers think? Has anyone experienced this trend first hand? Let us know your thoughts.